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November 12 2013

Nov 12

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Intermittent crap-outs the next 4-5 days

The database maintenance that we scheduled yesterday morning didn't work out - we had to abort after we've overrun our schedule by two hours. The residual effects of the database recovering from an aborted operation were noticable throughout the better part of the day - which means, we're not trying it again in such a one-shot maneuver.

But since this is neither an unimportant nor a small change to the internal structure of the db, we simply have to do it. We're now opting for the drawn-out method, which means that over the next few days there'll be short periods (10-60 seconds) where soup will work slowly or not at all. But there shouldn't be any bigger problems, so I'd say after a reload or after waiting for a minute, you should be able to continue using soup.

Please understand that we do not see this as normal behaviour and that we want to get rid of such inconveniences for the future (actually fix the bugs), and that's why we're doing this.
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